Solidifi and Kirchmeyer Unite to Create Appraisal Superfirm

Solidifi and Kirchmeyer Unite to Create Appraisal Superfirm

01/07/2013 BY: ASHLEY R. HARRIS

Solidifi and Kirchmeyer & Associates, two of the top independent real estate appraisal firms in the industry, are combining forces to create a super company, one that will make Solidifi the third largest independent provider of residential real estate in the country. The company services more than 50 pecrent of the nation’s lenders.

Solidifi uses technology to build efficiency throughout its appraisal process, thereby increasing quality, driving costs out, and improving the client experience. The company compensates the appraisers well and provides accurate information to the lenders because of its efficient system.

“Following a $22 million financing in 2012, Solidifi is in growth mode and Kirchmeyer is an important part of our overall growth strategy. It is the ideal fit for Solidifi,” said Jason Smith, Solidifi’s President and CEO in a statement.

Kirchmeyer and Solidifi are a match in quality of work and as well as culture of companies. Going forward, the combined entity will operate under the Solidifi name. Historically, Solidifi has invested more than $25 million to its technology platform, which will be a boon to Krichmeyer customers.

“Solidifi’s technology and broad appraiser network will complement our own network and I and my team are excited to continue to service our current and future customers with these extended capabilities,” said James Kirchmeyer, CEO of Kirchmeyer & Associates in a statement.

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