New Platform for Buyers, Sellers of Shares in Non-Traded REITs

New Platform for Buyers, Sellers of Shares in Non-Traded REITs

02/04/2013 BY: ESTHER CHO

Through REITbid, a new online auction platform, non-traded real estate investment trust (REIT) shareholders and investors can buy and sell shares in a secure and convenient way.

The platform offers a liquidity option and streamlines the entire process of buying, selling, and transferring shares. Another advantage is greater transparency since it provides instant access to non-traded REIT metrics and links to SEC filings and

sponsor data. The platform also offers the convenience of bidding 24 hours a day.

The new program is powered by

Non-traded REITs have issued nearly $80 billion of equity during the past ten years to more than 2 million shareholders, according to a release.

The REITbid platform was founded by William Lange and financed by Ray Wirta.

“Shares of existing non-traded REITs may provide attractive investment opportunities that focus on current dividend yield and appreciation potential,” said Lange. “However, a drawback to investing in non-traded REITs has been a lack of liquidity. REITbid not only helps to resolve this issue with an easy-to-use online auction process, it helps existing shareholders achieve fair market pricing based on the anticipated high volume of buyers and sellers who will participate in the auctions.”

REITbid is owned by Share Trading Associates, LLC of Newport Beach, California, which is made up of a team of real estate and auction professionals.

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