BankersLab Releases Quiz App on Credit Scoring

BankersLab Releases Quiz App on Credit Scoring


San Diego-based BankersLab, the first company to deliver gamified training products for the retail banking industry, announced the launch of a new Android quiz app designed to reinforce technical scoring concepts and terminology.

The Banc-it: Scoring Edition app offers retail lending professionals an opportunity to test their knowledge of credit scoring data, usage, model development, and monitoring. It’s designed to support ScoringLab, a simulation-based training product that helps banks improve their use of credit risk scores.

“At BankersLab, we believe that for optimum effectiveness, learning shouldn’t stop once our training course is complete. Mobile learning provides personalized ‘bite sized’ materials that suit modern lifestyles and learning patterns,” said BankersLab CEO Michelle Katics. “Busy executives can test their knowledge or prep for our courses, referring back to key content when required. By having the materials at their fingertips, learners can focus on developing critical skills in the classroom—and keep them sharp when back at their desks.”

The app is currently available.. for $4.99 through Google play. An iOS version will be released in February, the company announced.

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