Titanium Solutions Shutters Doors

Titanium Solutions Shutters Doors


A longtime provider of mortgage industry outreach services announced it is closing its doors for good.

Titanium Solutions, founded in 1999 and based in South Carolina since 2008, said its services aren’t as in-demand as they once were with the market now in recovery.

A reader forwarded to the MReport.com a statement from the company that was reportedly sent to vendors and posted at AgentsOnline.net, a discussion forum for real estate professionals.

It reads in part: “[T]he use of face to face outreach has seen precipitous decline in the market. This decline in demand can be attributed to improving mortgage delinquency rates, declining foreclosures and improved servicer processes, all positive signs for the mortgage industry; unfortunately not beneficial for the long term growth of Titanium. As a result of these changes in the marketplace, we have decided to cease operations effective March 13, 2013. … Effective immediately, all work outstanding assignments are being closed and returned to our clients.”

In the statement, Titanium also expresses its “deep appreciation” to all of the professionals to all of the professionals who served as “the face of Titanium” in its borrower outreach efforts.

“You were the hope for many when there was no hope. The good work you have done is greatly appreciated by the team here at Titanium Solutions and we hope that the contacts you have made and relationships you have established with these homeowners will continue to bear fruit in years to come,” the company said.


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