Xerox Mortgage Services Releases BlitzDocs Servicing

Xerox Mortgage Services Releases BlitzDocs Servicing

04/22/2013 BY: ESTHER CHO

Xerox Mortgage Services announced the release of BlitzDocs Servicing to simplify the paperless mortgage process for lenders and servicers.

BlitzDocs provides an electronic loan folder that imitates traditional paper loan folders. Through the expanded offering, the solution is able to provide a single point of reference for all documentation related to a borrower for the lifespan of a loan, which results in better customer service for the borrower.

BlitzDocs has been used by lenders and servicers for its document management capabilities to support customer service and default loan servicing. The expanded solution helps lenders and servicers meet new regulations introduced by agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), according to a company release.

“By helping servicers go paperless, Xerox is simplifying the servicing process and removing costs associated with manually sending documents, improving customer service by ensuring 24/7 access to all loan documents, and supporting compliance by providing an audit trail of all actions taken on a loan,” said Nancy Alley, VP and general manager of Xerox Mortgage Services.

Through BlitzDocs, documents can be sent and received from trading partners including originators, borrowers, investors, sub-servicers, business process outsourcing providers and mortgage insurance companies.


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