Auctions by ATG Pledges to Give to Nonprofits

Auctions by ATG Pledges to Give to Nonprofits


Sellers who go through Auctions by ATG  are also presented with the opportunity to fund a nonprofit of their choice.

Auctions by ATG announced it is pledging 20 percent of the commission it receives from a property seller to the nonprofit of the seller’s choice. The arrangement was made through Investing In Communities (IIC).

Clients of Auctions by ATG can participate in the IIC program during the next commercial real estate auction scheduled for May 31. The commercial auction features an office/retail building that is about 12,000 square feet in Worth, Illinois, as well as other properties and land throughout the state. Buyers can bid live or online.

Auctions by ATG is also hosting an online only residential property auction May 1.

“Becoming a sponsor of IIC allows Auctions by ATG to provide our clients with a socially responsible way of doing business,” said Diana M. Peterson, EVP of Chicago-based Auctions by ATG. “Giving back to communities is a priority to us as well as many of our clients. We are excited to now offer our clients a unique opportunity to help us support the causes they care about. They get top dollar for their property and at the same time increase their positive social impact, generating goodwill and advancing corporate social responsibility.”

As part of the program, Auctions by ATG will send the percentage pledged to IIC, who will then distribute the pledge to the selected nonprofit. IIC will also publicize the role of the seller in the donation. IIC will also retain 8.75 percent of the funds, while the remaining amount goes to the nonprofit.

Interested bidders can access the online bidding service at On auction day, registered bidders can view both live-streaming video and a real time, live bidcast on the website. Buyers who can’t participate in the bidding process can confidentially submit a maximum bid to the online bidding service and authorize a bidding service agent to submit bids on their behalf up to their maximum.

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