Solidifi Unveils Program to Recognize Top Appraisers

Solidifi Unveils Program to Recognize Top Appraisers


Solidifi, one of the country’s largest independent residential real estate appraisal providers, announced the launch of its EXTRAordinary Appraiser Program.

The program is designed to recognize the industry’s top appraisers—local experts from across the nation who have proven time and again their willingness to go above and beyond for Solidifi’s lender clients and borrowers. Each

appraiser is benchmarked against their peers using dozens of metrics to ensure strong performance, quality, expertise, and customer service.

“Our core strength is the elite network of Solidifi PerforMAX appraisers we have built up across the country,” said Andrew Bough, chief valuations officer at Solidifi. “But so often these top appraisers are the unsung heroes of the valuation process. We decided to change that by creating the EXTRAordinary Appraiser program to recognize their efforts and turn the spotlight on the great work they’re doing on behalf of lenders, homeowners and the mortgage industry.”

Solidifi celebrated the program’s launch with an inaugural recognition event at the Valuation Expo in Las Vegas. There, 30 appraisers were celebrated at a private reception, including Paul Lewis, an independent appraiser from Orono, Minnesota.

“It was an honor to be recognized for something I often take for granted,” Lewis said. “In a profession full of deadlines and stress, it’s nice to know that my efforts are appreciated.”

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