ELK Software Unveils New Version of Realty Commander

ELK Software Unveils New Version of Realty Commander

07/19/2013 BY: ESTHER CHO

ELK Software, a provider of real estate software based in Michigan, released the latest version of  Realty Commander, a tool to help Realtors and brokers manage real estate transactions.

By using Realty Commander, agents have access to an online portal to upload and store documents, track files, follow up and distribute leads, and schedule showings.

Agents can also give their clients a free login to their file so clients can view status updates, add comments, and upload documents. All parties involved can view updates on the related file through a computer, a tablet, or cell phone to view updates.

The software also offers agent support for traditional sales and short sales.

“Our new version of Realty Commander™ allows users to manage their entire buyer and seller business from anywhere at any time,” said Lee Moraitis, managing director for Realty Commander. “We see that the real estate business is constantly
changing and our existing clients are becoming more diversified. Listing agents handle both short sales and traditional listings and their buyer business is growing too. They needed a platform to manage everything and this will accommodate all their needs.”

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