Equator Unveils New Compliance and Decision Tool

Equator Unveils New Compliance and Decision Tool


Equator, a Los Angeles-based provider of default servicing technologies, announced the launch of Loan Management, a comprehensive new compliance and decision tool for delinquent loans.

Loan Management was designed as an evolution of Equator’s Loan Segmentation technology and is built on the company’s next-generation, flexible enterprise rules engine. The fully configurable system integrates compliance requirements and rules from all of Equator’s other default products and combines them with client-configured rules to provide a comprehensive verification process for users.

Loan Management is the entry point for any loan entering the Equator platform, so servicers have the ability to proactively management compliance on every loan from the moment it’s entered into the system. They can also use the tool’s analytics to determine the optimal outcomes for each loan based on its own characteristics.

“As rules and regulations become more and more complicated, servicers are being faced with more and more challenges,” said Equator COO John Vella. “Our clients have asked for ways to ensure they’re compliant, and we’ve created Loan Management in response to those requests. Loan Management is the soup-to-nuts solution that helps servicers stay compliant and profitable.”

“Using Loan Management, servicers can quickly and reliably evaluate loans to alleviate compliance concerns at the beginning of the process,” added CEO Chris Saitta. “Applying the appropriate rules at the beginning of the default process can save time on the backend, and reduce the overall cost to service.”

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