Zillow Makes Market Data Available to Moody’s Customers

Zillow Makes Market Data Available to Moody’s Customers


Moody’s Analytics customers will now be able to access the full suite of Zillow real estate aggregate data and related indices, the companies announced.

“Zillow firmly believes that open access to real estate data of all kinds can only help empower the people who use it, whether they are consumers or professional economists and analysts,” said Zillow chief economist Dr. Stan Humphries.

Moody’s Analytics’ data delivery platform, DataBuffet, now includes the Zillow Home Value Index and Zillow Rent Index, two first-of-their-kind indices designed to measure the true market value of all homes potentially for rent or sale—not just those currently listed or recently sold. Zillow’s negative equity data is also available.

In addition, DataBuffet customers will have access to all of Zillow’s aggregate real estate metrics, including median listing and sales prices, the percentage of properties selling for a gain or loss in an area, median list-to-sale price ratios, and foreclosure data.

“No other single real estate data source can match the footprint and depth of Zillow’s sales and rental information,” Humphries said. “We’re excited to have a new way to distribute this data, which has always been freely available on Zillow.com, and are very pleased to be working with Moody’s Analytics to make it more broadly accessible.”


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