NetDirector Goes Live with Equator Interface

NetDirector Goes Live with Equator Interface

10/09/2013 BY: ASHLEY R. HARRIS

NetDirector is joining forces with Equator. The Equator interface consists of referral/order downloads and bi-directional event/deliverables, which conveniently allows firms to communicate with Equator without leaving their case management systems. It also saves on labor costs, improves data accuracy, and reduces exception handling.

The NetDirector-Equator interface is currently live with SHD Legal Group and Fabrizio & Brook who were selected by Fannie Mae as part of their integration initiative—for closing, eviction and title orders along with event/deliverables.

Companies that use the NetDirector-Equator be able to: process closing, eviction, and Title orders with single data mapping, coordinate bi-Directional events/deliverables, reduce labor costs and data keying errors, monitor, store and forward information if the Equator web service is unavailable.

“Our customers that are already mapped and receiving referral orders from other default servicing systems can implement Equator integration with minimal effort,” said Harry Beisswenger, CEO at NetDirector. “This innovative solution was really a joint endeavor between all parties. We appreciate the efforts of Equator, SHD Legal Group and Fabrizio & Brook for their assistance with design, testing, and quality assurance. Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our portfolio of servicing system interfaces with the addition of Ocwen Real Resolution, LPS DIS Version 3, Fannie Mae Default Management Reporting System (DMRS) and many others”.


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