CoreLogic Integrates Credit Services with Mortgagebot’s EnterpriseLOS

CoreLogic Integrates Credit Services with Mortgagebot’s EnterpriseLOS


California-based CoreLogic Credco’s Instant Merge credit reports are now available on Wisconsin-based D+H Mortgagebot’s EnterpriseLOS platform.

Available on more than 50 technology platforms, Instant Merge provides specific demographic information, current and historical tradeline details, and public records and inquiries with additional features such as identity

verification, multiple scoring options, and detailed creditor contact information.

“CoreLogic Credco has an incredibly strong presence in the industry, with a reputation for efficiency and reliability,” said Matt Cotter, SVP of marketing for D+H. “By adding CoreLogic credit data to EnterpriseLOS, we are able to offer lenders streamlined access to the most popular merged credit report around.”

The integration of Instant Merge with EnterpriseLOS represents the latest step in CoreLogic’s planned product integrations with the platform.

“In the current lending environment, the one certainty we can call agree on is that more information can help both lenders and consumers make more informed decisions. With this integration, customers can now access credit data from CoreLogic through one of the premiere web-based loan origination systems in the industry,” said Dave Ard, SVP of business development for CoreLogic. “We’re excited to add Instant Merge to EnterpriseLOS and to help ensure that even more lenders have access to as much decisioning data as possible.”

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