Axios Introduces Desktop Appraisal Technology

Axios Introduces Desktop Appraisal Technology


Axios Valuation Solutions, a Fort Worth-based compliant appraisal services provider, announced the release of Desktop Appraisal, a new solution designed to combine the company’s technology and analytics with the expertise of local market appraisers to deliver compliant, reliable valuations.

“This product will transform the valuation space by delivering a high quality, credible and compliant product to financial institutions at a time when the industry is searching for alternatives to a full appraisal,” said Tony Pistilli, EVP and chief appraiser at Axios and the creator of Desktop Appraisal. “As AVMs combined with Property Condition Reports become more difficult to use, I see this as an excellent product to meet the needs of the lending industry while remaining totally compliant with the regulatory agencies.”

Christopher Thurber, SVP of business development, explained how Axios is using Desktop Appraisal to help stamp out fraud, one of the biggest concerns for the industry right now.

“We utilize our proprietary technology and process to validate the information provided in every report. This nearly eliminates the opportunity for valuation fraud,” he said. “This, along with providing 20 sales and 10 listings beyond the standard 3 comps, provides our clients with an extra layer of confidence.

“We couldn’t get this product delivered fast enough.”

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