Wells Fargo Gives Back to Community Groups Dedicated to the Recovery

Wells Fargo Gives Back to Community Groups Dedicated to the Recovery

11/01/2013 BY: ASHLEY R. HARRIS

Wells Fargo & Company recently announced it will donate $6 million across 67 nonprofits through its Leading the Way Home community outreach program to help revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods.

The Priority Markets Initiative of the Leading the Way Home program provides grant support for neighborhood projects located in areas designated for revitalization to help accelerate growth, stability, and investment in distressed areas. Grant recipients are nonprofits actively involved and experienced in community revitalization efforts.

Nonprofits were approved for the grants by the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation to bring additional resources and support to large-scale neighborhood revitalization projects. Priority Markets Initiative grants can be used for any costs associated with the development or redevelopment of the project, but recipients must be IRS501c3 organizations with successful histories of building or renovating housing for low-to-moderate income homebuyers.

“Wells Fargo is bringing much needed support to nonprofits in local communities to help them grow and thrive,” said Kimberly Jackson, executive director of Wells Fargo’s Housing Foundation. “We believe the work of the nonprofit community is a critical conduit to revitalize neighborhoods in cities that have been impacted by the challenging economy.”

The 2013 Priority Market Initiative grant recipients are:

1. ACTS Community Development Corporation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2. Affordable Housing Program of Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Affordable Housing Clearinghouse of Santa Ana, California
4. Albuquerque, New Mexico Habitat for Humanity
5. APM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6. Atlanta, Georgia Neighborhood Development Partnership
7. Bridgeport, Connecticut Neighborhood Trust
8. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Housing Fund
9. CHISPA of Salinas, California
10. CityWorks Trenton, New Jersey
11. Coachella Valley Housing Coalition in Riverside, California
12. Common Ground of New York, New York
13. Community Development Corp of Long Island, New York
14. Community HousingWorks of San Diego, California

15. Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation of Denver, Colorado

16. Crossroads Corporation for Affordable Housing & Community Development Charlotte, North Carolina
17. Dallas, Texas Area Habitat for Humanity
18. East Bay Community Foundation in Oakland and Richmond, California
19. Florida Home Partnership of Tampa, Florida
20. Fort Worth, Texas Area Habitat for Humanity
21. Frameworks of Austin, Texas
22. Grace and Truth CDC of Jacksonville, Florida
23. Greater Birmingham, Alabama Habitat for Humanity
24. Habitat for Humanity of Broward, Florida
25. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County, Florida
26. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis, Tennessee
27. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando, Florida area
28. Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco (East Palo Alto), California
29. Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, Nebraska
30. Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach, Florida
31. Habitat for Humanity of Stanislaus in Modesto, California
32. Hacienda CDC Portland, Oregon
33. Haitian American CDC Miami, Florida
34. Home Opportunities Made Easy of Des Moines, Iowa
35. Homestead Community Land Trust of Seattle, Washington
36. Homeownership Center of Tacoma, Washington
37. Housing Association Development Corporation of Allentown, Pennsylvania
38. Housing Trust of Silicon Valley of San Jose, California
39. Indianapolis, Indiana Neighborhood Partnership
40. Ironbound Community Corporation in Newark, New Jersey
41. Keystone Challenge Fund of Lakeland, Florida
42. Manna of Washington, D.C.
43. Mercy Housing Northwest-Idaho in Boise
44. Native American Connections of Phoenix, Arizona
45. Northern Nevada Community Housing Resource Board of Reno
46. Neighborhood Housing Services of Sacramento, California
47. Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services of San Bernardino, California
48. Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation of Houston, Texas
49. Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity of Toms River, New Jersey
50. Old Pueblo Community Services of Tucson, Arizona
51. Park Heights Renaissance of Baltimore, Maryland
52. Pathfinder Services of Fort Wayne, Indiana
53. Pensacola, Florida Habitat for Humanity;
54. Project for Pride in Living of Minneapolis, Minnesota
55. Raleigh, North Carolina Area Development Authority
56. Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance of St. Louis, Missouri
57. Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity of Salt Lake City, Utah
58. Scott County Housing Council of Quad Cities, Iowa
59. Self-Help Enterprises of Bakersfield, California
60. S.G. Atkins Community Development Corporation of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
61. Sioux Falls Housing Corporation, South Dakota
62. Slavic Village Development of Cleveland, Ohio
63. Southwest Housing Solutions Corporation of Detroit, Michigan
64. Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation in El Paso and San Antonio, Texas
65. Trinity Housing Corporation of Columbia, South Carolina
66. Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond, Virginia
67. Visionary Home Builders of Stockton, California 

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